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Tax Preparation

I am happy to help you with the preparation of any individual or business related income tax returns.

Tax Planning

Have you had a life changing event which will affect your tax situation?  Are you concerned about how changes in the tax law are going to affect you and your family?  Are you considering opening a business?  No one likes a surprise come April 15.  Let me help you assess your tax situation.

 Accounting Services

Each business needs a different amount of assistance with their bookkeeping and accounting. For some,they just need a slight tweak at the end of the year and for others it is a personal nightmare and they need someone who can keep it all clean.  I am able to assist with a wide range of these needs.

Sounds Great – Now What?

Give me a call, send me an email or schedule an appointment to meet.  With a conversation we can determine whether we are indeed a good fit.  I will also be able to give you an approximate idea of what your taxes or project will cost and what the process will be.

I like to meet new clients face-to-face at some point in the process just because it is so much easier to have a face to go with the emails and phone calls.  This doesn’t have to be during the actual preparation process if schedules do not accommodate but pre-planning or delivery are very helpful.

The rest of the process depends on where we are at in the accounting and tax cycles.  We will come to an agreement on what services you need and how you prefer to communicate.  I do my best to accommodate to each client’s preferences for online versus in person communication.

Cheryl A Hawkins CPA PLLC

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