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Commonly asked Questions:

Why should I pay to have my taxes prepared by a professional?

Not everyone should.  If you are comfortable with the tax forms, the changing tax laws and how they apply to your situation, you may not need to.  You may still want to, however, so long as that person will also discuss options with you for reducing your current and future taxes and be available to discuss questions and concerns going forward.

I already use a tax preparer, why should I switch?

Maybe you shouldn’t.  If you have been using the same tax preparer for years and feel comfortable with the services you are receiving, that you are getting your questions answered and aren’t just another return then there is no need to change.  However, I meet frequently with people who say that their tax preparer has never asked them these questions, explained this thing or suggested that thing.  If you are used to sending off your numbers and getting a package back with no questions or suggestions, it may be worth it to talk to me.

I live in another state, can you help me?


I am a US taxpayer but live in another country, can you help me?

Most likely.  There are some instances where more extensive knowledge of tax treaties may be needed.  If that is your situation I will refer you to another qualified preparer.

Do you prepare just individuals or just business returns?

Certainly.  I know some tax preparers only do one type or the other but my variety of experience has given me the ability to prepare a wide variety of returns.

How much do you cost?

Each tax situation leads to different complexities and needs.  Your particular situation will change the specific tax situation, which is why I provide a range when we first meet.  Our rates consist of a minimum and then, if additional time is necessary, added fees.

Base price:

  • Individuals
    • $400 base – includes a fairly chunk of tax return
      • W2s, some investment activity, itemized deductions, property tax refunds
      • Includes a meeting if desired
      • Rentals, more extensive investment activity, K1s, and self-employment will increase this fee.  The increase depends on the amount, complexity and quality of the accounting
    • $75 – Dependents when I do the parents
    • $75 – Property tax only filers
  • Businesses
    • $500 base – except for businesses with very minimal numbers and no ownership, basis or other issues which add to the complexity of the returns.
  • Bookkeeping
    • $125/hour

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